Today I went to North Korea

And here are my thoughts…there are really only two things I feel compelled to share.

1. South Korean soldiers are really really good looking. At least the ones they strategically place at the DMZ. Tall, chiseled, and flawless skin. Absolutely flawless. So flawless that I question whether or not there was a thin layer of Urban Decay Naked foundation, some slight contouring around the cheek bones, and possibly plumping lip gloss. Possibly.

2. It felt wrong being there. Many of us on the tour including myself were excited to see such a “cool” place because we have all learned about the war, heard the stories, and understood the significance of the DMZ and Panmunjom. We of course all knew it would be an eerie and sobering adventure but nonetheless the entire time we were there it felt incredibly wrong to me. If you look at it for what it is literally then yes- it’s a pretty unique experience. But the larger picture: families divided, millions of innocent lives taken, and a country separated with no resolution in sight…well it’s an anxious and unjust internal feeling that I can only express as Han. I get it, and I can feel it, which is weird because I wasn’t raised in this culture. The few minutes I stood in North Korea felt wrong and I’m glad to be back South.


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